Glass patterns

There is a vast selection of different patterns, styles and colours for our glass  that can be used as part of our doors or windows. There are patterns ranging from plain to ornate and you can also have a choice of variation of different period designs if you have a want that style to suit your home.

Georgian Designs

For any house with a period design we have a plethora of Georgian style designs and you are sure to find one you will love to have in your home. While these pieces are modernly manufactured they will not be at all out of place and look in the style of the property.

Colour sealed units

Colour sealed units can give you a choice of shades and colours to go with your multi glazed windows that can give a nice visual flair or accent to the house that would not otherwise be there with plain looking glass.

Lead Designs

We have some lead glass or crystal designs on offer. This type of glass as a different refractive index to ordinary glass which changes the way it interacts with light allowing for many different beautiful effects. The glass type also lends itself to being cut and engraved more easily and there are many customisations on offer.

Bevels sealed units

The bevelled sealed units give a unique richness and depth that will make any house look and feel special. There is a vast range of different bevel shapes and clusters which give a beautiful ornate look that can go with any modern style home as well as some older style homes.

Colour foils

Colour foils give you a huge selection of different colour tones. These can be worked into the other glass designs that can give  you a high degree of customisation to give you beautiful looking windows unique to your home. The colours can be varied in how opaque or translucent they are depending on your needs.