Sash Horn Windows

Sash horn windows look great on any house in a Resident 9 conservation area. They can let a very nice airflow into your home on hot days and they also come in many of the modern frame materials we have available for allowing them achieve very high energy ratings. Although, just because modern materials are being used does not mean the window won’t have a plethora of styles and colours available to choose from to suit your home.

Flush Sash Windows

Our flush sash windows use modern materials to offer the look and feel of traditional timber windows but with modern efficiencies such as low maintenance and great thermal properties. These windows are highly rated in the A range as well as coming with plenty of different colours and finished to suit your home.

Pivot Windows

Pivot windows are an exceptionally great type of window for allowing a good control over the air flow into your home. They can also be quite large allowing a large amount of light into your home to make any room brighter and seem very spacious.

Triple Glazed Windows

The glazing of your window is one of the most important parts of its energy efficiency. As glass tends to let out a lot of heat using techniques such as double and triple glazing take advantage of the pockets between the layers of glass to greatly improve the total thermal resistance of the window. These triple glazed windows will keep your house warm when you put on the fire or the heating.